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Silver gold spinner ring spinning band Ani le Dodi hebrew ring - Bluenoemi - My Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver gold spinner ring spinning band Ani le Dodi hebrew ring


  • $250.00

  • We make your size.
  • About 1.6 cm wide Lace motif on a floral arabesque decorated sterling silver base- adorable and romantic 
  • Hebrew ring "Ani le dodi ve dodi lee" verse. Translation: "I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine". Song of Songs 6:3
  • This beautiful phrase, taken from Song of Songs has adorned many ketubot and wedding rings. It is one of the most meaningful symbols of a traditional Jewish wedding.
A base ring made of sterling silver is wrapped by a central wider ring with the love verse and on both sides 2 other thinner rings in silver and gold - yellow and rose gold.

Choose your verse
You can choose in the verses option any model with any verse from the following:I am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine - Ani le Dodoi ve Dodi Li
  1. I have found the One whome my Soul Loves - Matzhati et ma she ahava nafshi
  2. A woman of Valour who shall Find - Eshet Hail mi Imtza
  3. May G-d Bless you and guard You - Yevarecheha Adonai ve Ishmereha
  4. If I forget my Jerusalem May my Right Hand forget its Strength - Im Eshkaheh Ierushalaim tishkah Yemini
  5. Multitude of Waters cannot extinguish Love. Maim rabim lo iuhlu lechabot et haahava
  6. Jacob Blessing to Joseph Ben Porat (a protection against evil eye) - Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat alei Ain
  7. In the Name of G-D we shall do and we shall succeed - Be shem adonai naase ve natzliah
  8. May you Leave in Peace and Return in Peace - Tzetha u Boaha le shalom
  9. Hear Oh israel G-D is Our G-D is One - Shma Israel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad
  10. Ahavat Olam Ahavtich.... I have loved thee with an everlasting love
  11. Ki Malahaih Yetzave lah Lishmor - The angels order to keep you safe
  12. Ana be Koah Degulat Ieminha - Ana be Koach prayer
  13. Ve Erastih li le Olam - I compromise to you forever
  14. El na Rafe Na La. God will bring to you health
  15. 4 combinations of letters from 72 Names are engraved: ALED MAASH SAL SHAA - ALED for Guarding & Protection. SAL for Abundance. MAASH for Health & Recovery. SHAA for Love.
  16. My Yidishe Mame.
  17. Land of Milk and Honey - Eretz zahav chalav udevash

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