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  • Bluenoemi Eau de Toilette King Solomon King Solomon Eau de Toilette for man from the Holy Land
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King Solomon Eau de Toilette for man from the Holy Land

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Eau de Toilette King Solomon Scent Ein Gedi From Holy Land Israel


One of the best gifts from the Holy Land is the Eau de Toilette King Solomon, the flavor of which reflects the rich history and culture of Israel. The aroma of this Eau de Toilette  can be considered not only a perfume, but also a symbol of the Holy Land.  

The Eau de Toilette is based on the natural  plants which are specially grown and processed to produce a unique flavor. 
Clean, manly, and refreshing, relaxing to wear, all day, every day!
A wonderful gift for father’s day or as a birthday present. Eau de Toilette King Solomon is a perfect gift for your friends and relatives, keeping memories from the Holy Land.

This is a magnificent line of biblically inspired perfumes for men and women that will bring all the wonderful scents of ancient Jerusalem home to you. Made with exotic extracts and essences extracted from flowers and plants native to this region, each biblical perfume is bottled with a taste of the Holy Land.

All natural ingredients.