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Engraved rings personalized rings / blessing rings

Bluenoemi Inspirational Jewelry, Message Jewelry, PoesieĀ Rings, Blessing & PersonalizedĀ Jewels.

Bluenoemi Jewelry offers beautifully crafted message rings. Each piece in our collection of inspirational jewellery carries a message,Ā a blessing, a verse of love - and holds a very special meaning for the wearer. Our inspirational jewellery is made using sterling silver or gold and is engraved with sentiments, Bible verses, good wishes and blessings - representing an expression of love and encouragement.

The rings can be ordered with any verse that we offer or you canĀ personalize the rings with an inscription of one or two names and possibly a date, or with your chosen verse or messageĀ up to 25 characters. You can also have the ring engraved with a Bible quote.Ā 

Bible Quotes, Blessings,Ā Verses andĀ Inspirational messages examplesĀ .



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