The Elephant as a symbol

The Elephant as a symbol

In China, India and Africa, the elephant is a symbol of beauty, power, dignity, intelligence and peace. The elephant is considered a symbol of good luck and is a symbol of good fortune.
In Asia - elephants symbolize the divine. Often ceremonies occur in which people while make offerings to elephants by washing and anointing them with special oils and colors during various festivals. It is a way of asking for their families and or community to be blessed with luck and good will. Elephants symbolize strength, good health, and longevity.
Many communities consider the Elephant to be a strong symbol of luck and good fortune and the famous saying goes ‚Äú¬†keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck and only invite the good inside‚ÄĚ.
The meaning of an elephant is much deeper than one can imagine and has helped to shape the eastern world as we know it today.

The True Meaning of the Elephant
In both Hinduism and Buddhism the elephant is seen as a holy animal, and its likeness is represented in the form of many gods. The elephant is not worshipped directly but indirectly for their qualities that people wish to emulate. 

Elephants are a powerful role model for many people in their spiritual lifestyle because they are obedient towards their leader, they have a steadfast nature about them because they are unstoppable once set on a path, and they have large ears that are used to listen much more so than to speak. 

Different Interpretations of the Elephant in Society 
Elephants are gentle giants and while extremely strong and powerful, unless provoked, they have a very low key temperament. They could easily be destructive if they wanted to be but that is not in their nature. They have a quiet confidence and power about them, and while they could dominate, they prefer to be peaceful and calm.

The elephant is a superior guide when we are on a journey that requires our patience and devotion.

Symbolic elephant meaning deals primarily with strength, honor, stability and tenacity, among other attributes.

To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. Ganesha in all his magnificently vibrant elephant glory, is intent on bulldozing obstacles on your behalf.

Prime Symbolic Elephant Meaning Keywords

  • Pride
  • Power
  • Dignity
  • Royalty
  • Reliability
In Christian symbolism the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

As a Chinese symbol the elephant is considered a symbol of:

  • Happiness
  • Longevity
  • Good luck

Some Asian cultures also believe the elephant is a cosmic creature, and carries the world upon its back (much like the tortoise does in some tribal Native American myths). This is yet another nod to the power and persistence in the symbolic meaning of elephants.


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