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  • Bluenoemi Jewelry Bracelets silver Cuff Bracelet made of sterling silver
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Romantic silver Bracelet in an amazing Floral design

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Floral silver bracelets are a beautiful and timeless accessory, often featuring intricate designs inspired by nature.  

Features of Floral Silver Bracelets:

  1. Material:

    • Sterling Silver: As with many high-quality silver pieces, floral bracelets are often made from sterling silver (92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% other metals) for durability and shine.
  2. Design:

    • Engraved: Detailed engravings of flowers and leaves are common, showcasing intricate craftsmanship.
    • 3D Elements: Some designs include raised, three-dimensional floral elements, giving the bracelet texture and depth.
    • Openwork/Filigree: Delicate, lacy patterns created by weaving thin silver wires into floral shapes.