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Roman Glass Earrings, Dangling Earrings , Israeli Roman Glass Jewelry

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Roman Glass Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Earrings with Roman glass set on  sterling silver earrings Israeli roman glass jewelry.
  • Boho elegant jewelry.
  • About 2 cm long.

Roman Glass Necklace.

Discover the captivating essence of our Roman Glass Stud Earrings from Israel – a harmonious blend of history and elegance that resonates with the ancient lands. These earrings embody the legacy of Israel's past while reflecting the beauty of contemporary design.

Each earring features an authentic fragment of Roman glass, sourced from the historical lands of Israel. These glass pieces, once part of artifacts from the Roman era, have transformed over time, revealing a stunning interplay of colors and textures that speak to the region's rich heritage.

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