Personalized Hebrew / English Ring. This Shall Pass Ring. Silver ring.

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Personalized Hebrew / English Ring. 
We design and manufacture Hebrew verses rings, prayer rings, poesie rings.

Sterling Silver 925 exquisite jewel .

Choose the ring that can be your uniquely fantastic styled silver and gold swivel wedding ring or engagement rings - or just your most beautiful ring as a present for yourself.

1. Ze Yaavor ve ze gam Yaavor. This Shall Pass and This Shall Pass too

The words "Ze Yaa'avor Ve Gam Zeh Ya'avor"/ "This  Shall Pass and This Shall Pass Too" are an eternally relevant message of the temporary nature of the human condition.  To all who are struggling or suffering it is intended as a reassuring statement: This too shall pass. But also in good times appreciate what you have, for time is short, and also learn from what you have.