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  • Bluenoemi Spinner Rings Bluenoemi fine Israeli Spinner Ring for Woman, Silver Gold Fidget Ring set Tourmalines
  • Bluenoemi Rings Bluenoemi Israel Jewelry Spinner Rings for Woman Unique Meditation Rings Silver Gold Fidget Ring set Tourmalines
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Israeli spinner rings Silver Gold and Tourmalines

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Israeli Spinner rings jewelry for Woman

Spin into Style: Elevate Your Everyday Elegance with Our Exquisite Collection of Dynamic and Versatile Spinner Rings - Where Fashion Meets Functionality

  • Fidget Spinner Ring for Woman
  • Silver gold 9ct set with colorful tourmalines.
  • Different texture bands in 3 colors: oxidized silver, silver, yellow gold. 
  • About 1.8 cm wide.
  • Fits the sophisticated modern woman.
  • The spinning ring fits both special events and everyday wear.

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