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Solomon Seal Sterling Silver Necklace Kabbalah Jewelry for "Path Clearing"

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Solomon Seal Sterling silver necklace  Kabbalah Jewelry for "Path Clearing"

Kabbalah Genuine King Solomon- Paths Clearing Seal -925 Sterling Silver

"For he has broken the gates of brass, and cut through bar of iron" Psalm CVII

This seal helps people to detach themselves from experiences, events, sensations, situations and at times, from being stuck in this or previous life.

The mystical codes written on this seal, along with its shape (a key), constitute a powerful combination resulting in associative, emotional and practical influence.

This seal opens paths, removes hindering obstacles and helps people realize latent potential.

We are delighted to introduce to you an ancient source of wisdom - the Seals of King Solomon.
These Seals bear the ancient wisdom of King Solomon. This powerful source of wisdom can bestow harmony to everyone in everyday life.

Not only Jews have known the powers of the seals for thousands of years. Christians and Muslims also believe in their powers.

According to tradition the Seal originated from King Solomon's ring - the wisest of all men. He wore a ring on which were engraved symbols, letters, names of angels, codes and biblical verses.

King Solomon's Seals are here for people to use and they accurately preserve their shape, original and authentic language (Hebrew script) as reported in the bible , so people can connect to an ancient source of knowledge and enjoy the same energy that had changed destinies in ancient times.