About the power of stones

Powers of the stones

Aventurine- a wonderful gift for young people. This stone works on the heart area, relaxes and balances, easing the pressure and enhances independence. Strengthens the muscle and nerve systems. It's great for negotiations when combined with rhodonite. 

Onyx- relieves fear, pressure and depression and therefore recommended in times of sorrow and grief. Increases hormonal balance and self control. Strengthens observation and objectivity and encourages wise decision making.

Opal- the stone causes "things to come out". . It increases feelings so if you are not confident in yourself or your judgment, the opal will strengthen these feelings and may cause pressure and unease. Therefore, it is not recommended to give these stones to young people who are generally more sentimental. Nonetheless, to people who are more open and assertive, this stone will give happiness, joy, determination and confidence. It has the ability to increase awareness towards feelings and to strengthen your intuition.

Amber- relieves pressure, improves decision making ability and strengthens the memory and intellect. It heals the blood, tightens and stabilizes the stomach area. Amber is recommended for those who are involved with nature studies.

Amethyst- it has the ability to relieve withdrawal from various addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, candies or any addiction. It assists in guiding consciousness while avoiding self centering and gives better focus in a deeper understanding. The amethyst is great for meditating. It increases courage, intuition and creativity. The stone eases sleeping disorders and is great for treating headaches. It also helps metabolism.

Garnet- strengthens self confidence and recommended to judgmental individuals. It strengthens a sense of devotion and commitment towards a certain goal, other individuals and self commitment. The garnet enhances imagination, it can ease nightmares and it arouses the awareness to your feelings. Garnet is very effective in treating back and neck pains. It purifies and refreshes energy to the entire physical system and especially to the blood system.

Turquoise- strengthens the need in self fulfillment and provides self confidence. It is good for meditating. Grants mental serenity, emotional balance, communication, friendship, loyalty and overall protection. Powers the body, heals the lungs and balances the blood and nerve systems. The turquoise relieves breathing and therefore it can help those who suffer from asthma.

Labradorite- assists in transferring intuitions into intellectual thinking. The stone increases telepathy and supernatural qualities. Strengthens joy, happiness, and a sense of confidence. It eases tension and pressure. Helps in treating brain problems while reinforcing the sharpness of the mind. Gives an overall feeling of protection, joy and tranquility.

Moonstone- provides balance and eases despair. It protects from unconscious feelings and by this allows the growth of consciousness. Through this stone you can learn how not to react by feelings and to be able to control feelings. Enhances intuition, balances and softens feelings and therefore recommended to teenagers. Moonstone gives strength to relationships and for this purpose it is recommended to pass it between partners once every two weeks. It can ease pain. Helps the breathing and can relief those who suffer from asthma. The stone can heal the stomach, spleen and pancreas. It is also known to help during pregnancy and birth.

Malachite- excellent healing stone, though it is not recommended to wear it continuously for a long period of time. Placing a malachite in the bedroom may assist in nightmares. For individuals who feel very good about themselves the stone can be a powerful healer especially for the lower back. It strengthens and balances the brain, purifying and healing emotional blocks. Relieves pressure and is excellent for expression improvement. Eases pain and may help in reducing tumors. Grants maximal protection by absorbing the impact of accidents.

Smoky quartz- increases sensitivity to sounds and the ability to receive thoughts and telepathic messages. Strengthens creativity, happiness and emotional balance. Helps the heart and strengthens the gonads.

Pearl-gives a sense of tranquility around trees and water. It brings peace and reduces oversensitivity. The pearl is also known as "the stone of honesty" while bringing the truth, devotion and loyalty into various situations. It represents faith, purity, innocence and generosity. It eases the breathing of those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Peridot- a joyful stone that adds light and happiness into life. Many call this stone "the smiling stone". Strengthens tolerance and is very good for relationships. Holding the stone with the left hand while meditating increases one's intuitive level. It can heal problems in the kidneys and liver.

Carnelian- a stone of bliss and joy that grants the power and courage to move forward. Creates an emotional balance and therefore great for those who have problems experiencing feelings. Removes confusion and very recommended for people who are absent minded. It gives a sense of condolence on the harder sides of life. Assists in treating problems relating to the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gall bladder. It has the ability to help during pregnancy and birth.

Rhodonite- the pink in it strengthens love while the black removes negativity. A great stone in circumstances when one needs to feel strong yet loved. Increases self evaluation and self confidence. It eases coping with feelings and pressure. The stone works on the heart area. Combined with aventurine it is very good for negotiations. It is recommended to hold it during trials or any other negotiation.

Rose quartz- popular by its relaxing and gentle inspiration. Increases love understanding. Strengthens self confidence, self expression, creativity and comfort. The stone also strengthens the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. It has the power to change what we transmit and by that to cause the one who is holding it to be more open to finding love. A great gift for anybody, especially a young person- it is a gift of love.