Solomon Seals

King Solomon Seals™

King Solomon, the son and heir of King David, builder of the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem, was considered to possess the wisdom of nature. It was believed Solomon could speak the language of animals and spirits, and submit the spiritual world to serve justice for the benefit of men.

King Solomon Seals™ presented here are attributed to King Solomon, who was given the knowledge associated with the King Solomon Sealscreation of the seals by an angel of the Lord.

According to ancient traditions, the various seals were used by the magic-wise monarch in magical rituals to evoke spirits in order to achieve benevolent and just goals.

How the seals have become part of the kabbalistic magic (Jewish, mysticism) and also valued by the occult in other forms of medieval and even Eastern magick, is not yet clear and is a matter of historical, archeological and spiritual research and investigation. So is true for the use of the seals in different rituals. While some of the letters and markings on the seals can be recognized, a great many of them are obscure, at least to those who do not possess the ability to understand their true nature.

1. First Jupiter Pentacle: Attracting profusion, success, acquiring wealth and success in career. Recommended for business people.

2. Second Jupiter Pentacle: Acquiring glory, honor, health, wealth, relaxation and peace.

3. Third Jupiter Pentacle: Protection against enemies, banish evil spirits lingering around one's person and their homes.

4. Fourth Jupiter Pentacle: For acquiring wealth and honor.

5. Fifth Jupiter Pentacle: To attain one's vision (Like Jacob who possessed the code when he had the vision of the ladder up to Heaven).

6. Sixth Jupiter Pentacle: Protects against earthly dangers.

7. Seventh Jupiter Pentacle: Protection against poverty.

8. First Mars Pentacle: For attaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm and all physical goals.

9. Second Mars Pentacle: Very successful in treating all kinds of diseases, especially when applied to the afflicted parts.

10. Third Mars Pentacle: An important seal for resisting enemies.

11. Fourth Mars Pentacle: a Powerful seal for self-confidence, victory in any kind of argument, inside and outside of battles.

12. Fifth Mars Pentacle: Designed to help sick people recuperate by keeping away negative forces and channeling them to positive forces.

13. Sixth Mars Pentacle: Will protect the owner against harm.

14. Seventh Mars Pentacle: It helps in Protection & leads towards finding the way on the wearer journey.

15. First Mercury Pentacle: Will bring the owner personal magnetism.

16. Second Mercury Pentacle: Achieve the impossible, to make wishes, secret dreams come true and to help any person with infertility problems.

17. Third Mercury Pentacle: To help create the activities in writing, literally skills for authors and journalists.

18. Fourth Mercury Pentacle: For gaining knowledge and understanding of all things. To penetrate the hidden thoughts of others for positive use.

19. Fifth Mercury Pentacle: Gives the power to open all doors one encounter, without resistance or defeat.

20. First Moon Pentacle: Opens all doors and locks in whichever way they are locked.

21. Second Moon Pentacle: Protection against natural and disasters.

22. Third Moon Pentacle: Protection against anxiety and fears towards traveling.

23. Fourth Moon Pentacle: Protection against the evil eye and injuries to the body or soul.

24. Fifth Moon Pentacle: Helps achieve a good night's sleep, it also helps find answers to problems and questions through one's dreams.

25. Sixth Moon Pentacle: 'Magical" seal to assist in creating rain.

26. First Saturn Pentacle: Gives the power of persuasion.

27. Second Saturn Pentacle: It provides livelihood & helps to manage the business and different types of negotiation (interviews, contracts etc )

28. Third Saturn Pentacle: Protects against evil spirits, plots made by others and gossip.

29. Fourth Saturn Pentacle: Makes the wearer clear of any negativity.

30. Fifth Saturn Pentacle: Guarding and protection of one's home and all its possessions.

31. Sixth Saturn Pentacle: Guarding, protection and remove all the negative energies.

32. Seventh Saturn Pentacle: Others will listen and be fascinated at the words of the wearer.

33. First Sun Pentacle: The EL SHADDAI seal brings the owner all that they may desire to better their lives.

34. Second Sun Pentacle: Helps the owner overcome any obstacles that may be in their way of opportunities.

35. Third Sun Pentacle: To achieve popularity, wealth and success.

36. Fourth Sun Pentacle: Gives the wisdom and knowledge to see inside of the hearts and souls of others (good for therapists).

37. Fifth Sun Pentacle: Develop the imagination, the assistance, the creativity and the understanding of the spiritual world.

38. Sixth Sun Pentacle: This is used to be noticeable for all your good characters.

39. Seventh Sun Pentacle: Releases people from their own prisons and all their negative patterns.

40. First Venus Pentacle: Friendship, partnership and improve existing relationships.

41. Second Venus Pentacle: To acquire grace and honor. To accomplish all desires in matters of the heart.

42. Third Venus Pentacle: Will attract love, respect, and admiration.

43. Fourth Venus Pentacle: Helps people to love, accept themselves and express this feeling onto others.

44. Fifth Venus Pentacle: Excites great passion and desire to the wearer.