Spinner rings

Usually a wide spinner ring consists of a .925 sterling silver base with silver or 9K two tones gold decorative thinner rings turn around it. 
Silver and gold spinner rings are made of the finest quality sterling silver and gold. The designs on the spinning portion of the ring are numerous and include all motifs imaginated by the designer, braiding, ropes, twisted braids, Celtic or knots, a brick or tile design. Today it is very popular to have poesie or verses, Kabbalah names and verses, names, wishings engraved on the spinner rings or words with a special message to help the owner in the struggling everyday life.
Choose the ring that can be your uniquely fantastic styled silver and gold swivel wedding ring. We offer designer rings that simply cannot be ignored.
You can order your size and personalize the ring's inscription. Choose from the sterling silver rings in a hammered finished that are embellished with 9 carat rose and yellow gold.

The rings are handmade in Israel.

Bluenoemi offers a wide variation of spinner rings jewellery- spinner meditation rings - spinner rings with gemstones - spinner ring for anxiety - spinner ring in rose gold - spinner ring for the wedding - spinner ring for engagement - spinner ring gold - Jewish spinner ring - Christian spinner ring and more.

Bluenoemi's spinner rings are handmade by trusted artisans, with care and love in every single piece. Sterling silver 9KT gold and precious gemstones create these unique rings. These stacking statement rings are distinctive and match you, who love to wear something different.