Custom Rings Verses and Blessings Ideas for Engraving

Custom Rings Verses and Blessings Ideas for Engraving

verses for engraving on rings
Engraving is the ultimate way to personalize your wedding ring.
The custom of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding rings began in the courts of medieval Europe. Today, engraving a message on the inside of the shank is one of the easiest ways to personalize an engagement ring or your wedding bands.

Examples of Hebrew Verses:

  1.  I am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine - Ani le Dodi ve Dodi Li - Available in Raised Letters or engraved letters.
  2.  I have found the One whome my Soul Loves - Matzhati et ma she ahava nafshi . Available in Raised Letters or engraved letters.
  3. A woman of valour who shall Find. Eshet Hail mi Imtza.
  4. May G-d bless you and guard you. Yevarechaha Adonai ve Ishmerecha. Available in raised letters or engraved letters.
  5. If I forget my Jeruslaem may my Right hand forget its Strength.
  6. Multitude of Waters cannot extinguish Love. Maim rabim lo iuhlu lechabot et haahava
  7. Jacob Blessing to Joseph Ben Porat (a protection against evil eye) - Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat alei Ain. Available in Raised Letters or engraved letters.
  8. In the Name of G-D we shall do and we shall succeed - Be shem adonai naase ve natzliah
  9. May you Leave in Peace and Return in Peace - Tzetha u Boaha le shalom
  10.  Hear Oh israel G-D is Our G-D is One - Shma Israel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad . Available in Raised Letters or engraved letters.
  11. Ahavat Olam Ahavtich.... I have loved thee with an everlasting love
  12. Ki Malahaih Yetzave lah Lishmor - The angels order to keep you safe
  13.  Ana be Koah Degulat Ieminha - Ana be Koach prayer
  14.  Ve Erastih li le Olam - I compromise to you forever
  15.  El na Rafe Na La. God will bring to you health
  16.  4 combinations of letters from 72 Names are engraved: ALED MAASH SAL SHAA - ALED for Guarding & Protection. SAL for Abundance. MAASH for Health & Recovery. SHAA for Love.

Sentimental wedding ring engraving ideas:

    • I love you

    • Our love is eternal

    • To my soul mate

    • C.R. to D.L. July 10

    • Always

    • Forever

    • Eternity

    • C&D forever (use your first initials)

    • I thee wed

    • All my love

    • I marry you

    • You have my heart

    • My heart is in your hands

    • Never to part

    • To my wife/husband

    • Soul mates forever

    • I'm always with you

    • To have and to hold

    • Schmoopie (Your private nicknames for each other)

    • Here is my heart; guard it well!

    • No one but you

    • God for me provided thee

    • God unite both in love

    • In thy breast my heart doth rest (Old English)

    • Pour tous jours (For all days, 15th-century French)

    • Joie sans fin (Joy without end, French)

    • Mon coeur est a vous (You have my heart, French)

    • Je t'aime (I love you, French)

    • Mon amour (My love, French)

    • Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever, Italian)

    • Amore mio (My love, Italian)

    • Vivo per lei (I live for her, Italian)

    • Myn genyst (My heart, Old German)

    • Mizpah (May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another, Hebrew, Genesis 31:49)

    • Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li (My beloved is mine and I am his, Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16)

    • Semper amemus (Let us always love, Latin)

    • Semper fidelis (Always faithful, Latin)

    • Pari passu (With equal step, Latin)

    • Amor vincit omnia (Love conquers all, Latin)

    • Deus nos iunxit (God joined us, Latin)