What are Spinner Rings?

What are spinner rings ? 

Introducing our new line of Spinner Fidget Rings - the perfect stress relief tool for those who like to keep their hands busy! These stylish and comfortable rings are designed with a spinning feature, allowing you to easily spin them around your finger when you need to release some stress or fidget away your boredom or when you just want to wear a unique and beautiful ring.

Made with high-quality materials - sterling silver and gold, our Spinner Fidget Rings are built to last and are suitable for both adults and children. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match your style and personality.

Silver and silver and gold spinner rings or otherwise called - spinning rings - are designed in such a way that outer smaller rings spin freely on the inner ring that encircles the finger. The spinning rings or spinner rings have a few outer decorated bands which manually spins around the inner ring.

It is very interesting to know that has been shown since ancient generations that wearing and using spinner rings can reduce the levels of tension and anxiety in the human being. We have learned from several researchs that playing with the moving portion of the ring band gives the user something technical to do and the repetitive motion helps to calm the mind. This is the reason sometimes spinner rings are referred to as worry rings, turn rings, swivel rings, turning rings, prayer rings or motion rings.

Usualy a wide spinner ring consists of a .925 sterling silver base with silver or 9K two tones gold decorative thinner rings turn around it. Look at one of the most innovative and charming collection of contemporary spinning rings. 

spinner ring for woman

Israeli spinning rings Israeli spinner two tone gold and silver rings

Silver and gold spinner rings are made of the finest quality sterling silver and gold. The designs on the spinning portion of the ring are numerous and include all motifs imaginated by the designer, braiding, ropes, twisted braids, Celtic or knots, a brick or tile design.
Today it is very popular to have poesie or verses, kabbalah names and verses, names, wishings engraved on the spinner rings or words with a special message to help the owner in the struggling everyday life.

Poesie rings

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You can order your size and personalize the ring's inscription. Choose from the sterling silver rings in a hammered finished that are embellished with 9 carat rose and yellow gold. Israel Rings.