What to engrave on your jewel? Engraving ideas for your Rings

Rings Engraving Ideas

Having your wedding ring engraved with a secret message is the ultimate way to personalize an already unique piece of jewelry. There’s something incredibly romantic about the inscription of a special date, two initials beside each other, or a phrase that only the wearers will understand.

From traditional and religious to romantic and funny, get inspired by the ring engraving ideas below.


  • The date you met
  • Your wedding date
  • I love you
  • Always
  • Forever
  • Eternity
  • J&M (your initials)
  • Your nickname for each other
  • Forever begins
  • To have and to hold 
  • Till death do us part
  • The infinity symbol
  • Happily ever after

Romantic engraving ideas

  • The date of your first date or first kiss
  • The date you got engaged
  • A song lyric you both love
  • The coordinates of the location you met in
  • All my love
  • Never to part
  • To have and to hold
  • To the moon and back
  • My one and only
  • The beginning of forever 
  • Love, honor, cherish
  • I choose you
  • I love you more 
  • Amore mio (my love)


  • A short inside joke
  • Put me back on!
  • A perfect fit
  • Dibs!
  • Non-refundable 
  • Mine
  • You’re stuck with me now
  • A deal’s a deal 
  • Property of (your name) 
  • Finally
  • Do not remove
  • Incredibly lucky
  • Why is this off 
  • Ride or die 
  • Better half


  • Your favorite Bible verse
  • In God and thee my joy shall be
  • Love is patient, love is kind
  • Where you go, I will go
  • Joined under God
  • Do everything in love
  • God unites in love
  • Love is faithful
  • Deus Nos lunxit (God joined us)
  • Do everything in love


  • Ring 1: “After all this time?” Ring 2: “Always”
  • Ring 1: “I am my beloved Ring 2: “And my beloved is mine”
  • Ring 1: “Moon of my life” Ring 2: “My sun and stars”
  • Ring 1: “I love you” Ring 2: “I know” 
  • Ring 1: “I do” Ring 2: “Me too” 
  • Ring 1: “One ring” Ring 2: “To rule them all”