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Adorable 925 Silver Pomegranate Necklace Roman Glass

925 Silver Necklace using Ancient Roman Glass with Blue Iolite Pomegranate

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925 Silver Large Necklace Unique Pomegranate Design ancient Roman Glass with Iolite.

  1. One of The Seven Species and also an ancient symbol of Prosperity.
  2. Dimensions : size  cm 3.3/2.7  , inch 1.31/1.06 without the beads. 
  3. Length 45cm.

In legends, ancient Viking navigators used thin slices of iolite as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days. Whether or not the tales are true, iolite (mineralogists call it cordierite) can be fashioned into beautiful gems. Strongly pleochroic iolite has been incorrectly called “water sapphire,” as it can display a blue to violet hue in one direction and pale yellow to colorless in another.

A wonderfully unique piece of Israeli jewelry! Fragments of decanters, bottles and jars designed for pilgrims who gathered oil, water or soil from the holy land. Roman Glass is an ancient glass, discovered in archaeological excavation sites in Israel. Israel is one of the few locations in the world in which a series of geological and climatic phenomena coincide enabling the formation and preservation of the strikingly colorful glass.

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