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Bluenoemi Jewelry

Earrings for Woman set with Garnets. Goldfilled Earrings.

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    Earrings for woman

    These beautiful earrings are made from an organic gold filled shaped, similar to a knight’s shield and have a beautifully elegant mother of pearl at the center. These earrings have a strong spiritual meaning and are meant to protect its wearer.

    An old technique was used for this piece: foil inlay and hand-hinge integration.

    The garnet in the center of the gold filled shield, with beautiful Japanese glass beads around the center stone. A single colored jade with a beautiful garnet cluster dangles down gently.

    Measurements of the earrings:

    • Total length from top to bottom: approx 6 cm.
    • Center stone: approx. 10 mm
    • Width: approx. 2.5 cm
    • * The earrings are light and easy to wear, each earring weights 4.3 grams


    • Stones: Garnet, Jade, Japanese glass beads
    • Metal: gold filled
    • Bezel set: silver

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