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Choose from the custom wedding bands spinner rings, unique cz spinner rings for woman - Bluenoemi Jewelry Rings Bluenoemi Jewelry Bluenoemi Jewelry  israeli sterling silver jewellery jewelry handmade jewel

Choose from the custom wedding bands spinner rings, unique cz spinner rings for woman

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Bluenoemi Bluenoemi

Custom wedding bands spinner rings, unique cz spinner rings for a woman 

Stunning spin ring, cocktail ring. Cz ring on silver & gold bohemian ring

Made in Israel with a life time guarantee on workmanship.

The ring is perfect as a promise ring or a ring that is a symbol of love.

Rings sizes

Rings size 4.5 size 5 size 5.5 size 6 size 6.5 size 7 size 7.5 size 8 size 8.5 size 9 size 9.5 size 10 and all other sizes

Silver and silver and gold spinner rings or spinning rings are designed in such a way that outer rings spin freely on the inner ring that encircles the finger.

Construction & Dimensions:
Sterling silver, gold.
Approximate width: 19 mm.

We can make any size, including quarter sizes. For this wider band, we suggest adding .25 to you current thin ring size. Please just indicate the requested size in the order.

About Bluenoemi jewellery - rings 

Bluenoemi offers an exciting collection, designed and made by Bluenoemi designers especially for occasions: wedding, engagement and cocktail and for everyday use.

You can find a selection of rich spinner rings, sterling silver rings, silver and gold rings and gemstone designs.

We hope that you will enjoy wearing our designs as much as we enjoy making them!

*If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, please contact us so we can try to solve the problem.*

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