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Roman glass floral silver earrings-Earrings-Bluenoemi Jewelry

Roman glass floral silver earrings

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Israeli Jewelry

Roman glass floral silver earrings

Welcome to the World of Israeli genuine Roman glass jewelry!

size:2/2cm or 0.8/0.8inch (earring with glass ) 4cm or 1.6inch(two silver parts together )

The irridescent colors have evolved gradually over the centuries as part of the glass's chemical reaction to the sun, water, and the earth in which it was burried. The designs for the settings are based on artifacts and drawings also discovered on archaeological digs in Isreal. All the Roman glass jewelry is hand cut from different fragments of authentic ancient roman glass, a fact that makes each piece truly one of a kind. We hope you enjoy it's splendor. Made in Israel.

You wear fashion and history and the greens and blues colours and shapes are amazing.

Choose a Roman glass necklace set into a filigree setting of sterling silver, or an amazing silver brooch from th brooches collection.

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