Bluenoemi - My Jewelry Rings Sterling silver ring , Roman glass silver ring,  set with Roman Glass
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Sterling silver ring , Roman glass silver ring, set with Roman Glass

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Sterling silver ring , Roman glass silver ring,  set with Roman Glass and faceted garnet & smokey Quartz 18 mm

We make all rings sizes.

Jewelry set with authentic 2000 years old Roman glass, manufactured in the Holy Land in the second Temple period. The glass were found in archeological diggings in Jerusalem.

Glass vessels were initially available only to the very wealthy and only in rather diminutive sizes. They were manufactured by core forming, casting, cutting and grinding, The invention of glass blowing around 50 BC brought glass vessels to the general public in vast numbers, mass produced in great variety of forms and hence brought ancient glass into the reach of the modern collector of even modest means.

We can make any size, including quarter sizes. For this wider band, we suggest adding .25 to you current thin ring size. Please just indicate the requested size in the order.

Please email us the details regarding the ring's size.

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