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Read about The Fish as a symbol.
Fish are among the most widely used symbols in Jewish folk art. The water that covers them is said to protect them from the evil eye. And their eyes, like the eyes of God, never close, so they symbolize God’s protective gaze.
In Kabbalistic versions of the zodiac, Pisces the fish is associated with Adar, the month we celebrate Purim, which is considered the happiest and luckiest month of the Hebrew calendar.
Fish also symbolize fertility. They lay many eggs at one time, and in the Torah’s creation narrative God blesses them with fertility:
God created the great sea monsters, and all the living creatures of every kind that creep, which the waters brought forth in swarms, and all the winged birds of every kind. And God saw that this was good. God blessed them, saying, “Be fertile and increase, fill the waters of the seas, and let the birds increase on earth.” (Genesis 1:21-22)

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