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You can now choose, order, wear and use Israeli jewels and gifts worldwide at your home!

As you see the motifs and colors of Bluenoemi's jewelry and crafts evoke Israel's landscape: the turquoise blue and green of the seas - the Mediterranean, the Galilee Sea, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, the beige tones of the Neguev desert, the brown of the Jerusalem and the Galilee mountains, the bright blue of the sky, the yellow and orange of the sun, the red, pink, and violet of the Israeli flowers. Fruits and flowers shapes remind us of their special flavor and freshness spirit; The original designs found in archaeological excavations, in oriental embroidered textiles, in ancient coins, drawings and books remind us of our history and heritage.

I am proud to offer jewelry and gifts that bear much meaning for the recipient and the giver. Bluenoemi rings have been given to brides, to friends, to mothers, in celebration of life milestones. They are worn by men and women to keep their love verse near them each day and they are worn by couples in love. The necklaces symbolize the nature and the hope and beliefs of the wearer. The hamsas and home gifts create expectation for positive things.

At Bluenoemi shops you can find spinning rings, Kabbalah jewels, designer gemstones necklaces and earrings, vintage jewels, Roman glass jewelry, bracelets, filigree sterling silver jewels, Home gifts, Home Blessing wall hangings, Hamsas, Menorahs, Mugs, Jewish and Christian gifts.

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We continuously create and search after new jewelry ideas and designs that we love.

Besides our online marketing operation we look after shops and reps that want to cooperate with us.

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