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Roman glass earrings

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Roman glass earrings floral shape

2 cm x 2 cm Roman glass earrings

Flower shape Roman Glass is an ancient glass, discovered in archaeological excavation sites in Israel.

Israel is one of the few locations in the world in which a series of geological and climatic phenomena coincide enabling the formation and preservation of the strikingly colorful glass. Made from the hand-blown fragments of ancient perfume pots, lamps, flasks, vases, cups, and bowls dating back to 100 BC found by archaeologists sifting through the fallen pillars and once magnificent cities of the Roman Empire. Almost two thousand years of conflict with mineral rich soil and oxidation combine to form this precious glass. The fine Sterling Silver Roman Glass Jewelry is one of the most popular types and styles originated from Israel.

The designs for the jewels are based on artifacts and drawings also discovered on the archeological digs. Israeli silver Roman Glass Necklace. Genuine ancient roman glass, one of a kind handmade sterling silver necklace with special parts of Roman glass vessels.