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Elegant Spinner Ring Meditation ring Sterling silver gold Israeli Rings

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  • Spinner ring for woman and man - stackable ring.
  • Spinner Ring Spinning ring silver 9K rose  and  yellow gold.
  • The ring is about 1.8 cm wide.

Spinner wedding rings have a unique feature that no other wedding band contains, but the meaning behind the spinning motion is far more powerful than most realize! Spinner rings derive from the ancient religion of Buddhism where Tibetan Buddhist used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved on outer surface to recite and perform their religious practices. The spinning motion is believed to naturally help calm the mind of Tibetan Buddhist while simultaneously increasing good karma and ridding of any bad energy as they recited there religious literature.

The ring fits the elegant man as well as the sophisticated modern woman.

The ring design is inspired by the beauty of vintage style jewelry, and it fits both special events and everyday wear. All sizes are available!

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