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If turquoise is your favorite colour...

Bold Staff


If Your Favorite Color is Turquoise

  • If this is your favorite color, you are friendly and approachable, easy to communicate with.
  • You are compassionate, empathetic and caring.
  • You have a heightened sense of creativity and sensitivity.
  • You speak from the heart and love sharing your inner most thoughts.
  • As a personality color turquoise you usually have highly developed intuitive abilities.
  • You seek spiritual fulfillment, and you are often an evolved or 'old' soul.
  • You are trying to create balance in your life as you swing emotionally from one direction to the other. Although presenting a cool and calm exterior, and appearing to be stable and balanced, beneath the surface you may be in chaos, on an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • With a personality color turquoise, you are self-sufficient, with good self esteem and an ability to love and care for yourself.
  • You are a clear thinker and good decision maker.
  • You have good organizational and management skills.
  • You are good at multi-tasking - focusing on one thing at a time bores you.
  • You have strong powers of perception and can be selective and discerning, balancing the pros and cons of any situation, then identifying the best way forward.
  • Your thinking can become scattered at times, particularly when you try to accomplish too much at once. This can overtire you and you become emotionally out of balance.
  • You can be boastful and narcissistic, appearing egotistical and conceited.
  • You fear being alone and can become aloof and unapproachable when this occurs, making the situation even worse.
  • You can be impractical and idealistic with an overactive mind creating emotional imbalance - you need turquoise to bring you back into balance.

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