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Bluenoemi Personalised Pick and Mix Box of Candies and Sweets | Gift for Children! Gift For Her | Gift For Mom| Gift For Sister. 0.5 kg box

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  • Bluenoemi Sweet Gift - a 1/2 kg sweets box.
  • The sweets are a random candies selection very similar to the photo.
  • Materials: fizzy dummies, multi-colored multi-flavored fruit gummy candy for party, Psychedelic mice, Jelly sweets shaped hearts, Multi-flavored gummies square, jelly candy tastes, chewy sweets.
  • Personalised pick and mix Box of sweets. This is a random selection of pick and mix sweets which will be similar if not the same to the photos show.

Each box can be personalised as per your request to any occasion (main message on the box).

Some examples:

*Happy birthday
*thank you
*happy anniversary
*Best wishes for the new home
*Baby Sweet Shower

Please include your message in the message section.


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