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Filigree Israeli silver necklace. Sterling silver jewelry for woman.

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Bluenoemi Bluenoemi

Handmade sterling silver filigree necklace.

About 5 cm x 1.8 cm 45 cm long.

With it's traditional Yemenite designed plaque, this necklace is a picture of arabesque beauty.

Sterling silver jewelry. Traditional style.

Made in Israel.

About Filigree - Filigrana Filigree (formerly written filigrann or filigrane) is a jewel work of a delicate kind made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver or stitching of the same curvy motif.

It oftens suggests lace, and is most popular in French fashion decoration from 1660 to the present.

Filigree involves threads being soldered together to form an object and ajoure involves holes being punched, drilled, or cut through an existing piece of metal.

 Construction & Dimensions:
Sterling silver
Approximate length of pendant 10 mm.
Necklace length 45 cm


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