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Holy Land Jewelry Sterling Silver cross roman glass opals beads "My Blue Sky Cross"

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Holy Land Jewelry Sterling silver cross - Roman Glass cross necklace - silver cross from the Holy Land . Set with an lab opals beads.
"My Blue Sky Cross"
21 mm x 42mm
Chain Length 45 cm

Roman Glass is set on a antique silver plated cross and hangs on a delicate sterling silver chain.

The roman glass is perfect for an original and unique look.

A lovely, everyday and special events necklace perfect to wear alone or layered.

****Roman glass jewelry *****

Roman glass jewelry is handmade by the finest artisans from the Mediterranean region and sold in exclusive retail stores. The beauty of these ancient glass jewelries is simply aesthetic in nature with its incredible combination of colorful coating over a rare piece of glass.

When combined with precious metals such as gold and silver, it creates a marvelous piece of jewelry. It is found in Israel in the Judean desert and sold here mostly as an antique glass. I


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