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Meditation ring size selectable spinner wedding .925 silver 9k gold Bluenoemi

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Blessing spinner ring engraved  

We make all sizes according to orders

  • Unique Beautiful silver and gold handcrafted ring with  1  spinner band engraved and a 9 carat gold   band. 
  • Spinning ring - spinner band - Sterling Silver 925 and 9 carat gold ring
  • Spinner ring in hebrew
  • About 1.8 cm wide
  • Elegant band - perfect as an everyday ring, as an engagement ring, as a wedding ring.

You can choose the verse or prayer that you like:

  1. I am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine - Ani le Dodoi ve Dodi Li
  2. I have found the One whome my Soul Loves - Matzhati et  she ahava nafshi
  3. May G-d Bless you and guard You - Yevarecheha Adonai ve Ishmereha
  4. Jacob Blessing to Joseph Ben Porat (a protection against evil eye) - Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat alei Ain
  5. Hear Oh israel G-D is Our G-D is One - Shma Israel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad

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