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Bohemian Ring sterling silver ring, silver rings blue opal stone, boho ring

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Bluenoemi Bluenoemi

Bohemian Ring sterling silver ring, silver rings blue opal stone, boho ring , sterling silver ring set with blue opal

Hammered sterling silver bohemian ring set with a lab blue opal.

Magnificent Israeli silver stylish ring.

Read about the Blue colour :

Blue in Judaism is used to symbolize divinity, because blue is the color of the sky and sea.

It can also represent equilibrium, since its hue suggests a shade midway between white and black, day and night.

In the Torah, the Israelites were commanded to put fringes, tzitzit, on the corners of their garments, and to weave within these fringes a “twisted thread of blue (tekhelet).”

The oral law requires that this blue thread be made from a dye extracted from a sea creature known as the hilazon. Maimonides claimed that this blue was the color of “the clear noonday sky”; Rashi, the color of the evening sky.

According to several rabbinic sages, blue is the color of God’s Glory.

Staring at this color aids in meditation, bringing us a glimpse of the “pavement of sapphire, like the very sky for purity,” which is a likeness of the Throne of God.

Many items in the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary in the wilderness, such as the menorah, many of the vessels, and the Ark of the Covenant, were covered with blue cloth when transported from place to place.

(From Wikipedia)

Construction & Dimensions:
Sterling silver ring

We can make any size, including quarter sizes. For this wider band, we suggest adding .25 to you current thin ring size. Please just indicate the requested size in the order.

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