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  • Bluenoemi Jewelry food and drink 12cm / black Turkish Coffee with Hel - Israeli Black Coffee
  • Bluenoemi Jewelry food and drink 12cm / black Turkish Coffee with Hel - Israeli Black Coffee
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Turkish Coffee with Hel - Israeli Black Coffee

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Israeli Coffee - Elite Turkish Coffee with Hel

Elite roast & ground Turkish coffee with hel.

New black turkish grounded premium coffee.

The rich aroma of Turkish coffee is not easily forgotten.

This label of Elite coffee exists for many years and it is the most popular Turkish coffee in Israel. Try at home the rich aroma of Oriental coffee.

How to prepare a tasteful cup of Turkish coffee?

1.5 heaped T-spoons of coffee to a cup of water

Bring to boil while watching the pot. (Do not let over boil.)

Let simmer for a few seconds while adding sugar to taste. (Do not add the sugar prior to this!!). Pour carefully.

Enjoy the aroma and taste.

Contents per sachet: 100g.(3.53oz)

You can also prepare the so called in Israel "Mud" coffee.

Put 1 spoon of turquish coffe in a mug.

Pour on it boiling water and mix.

What does coffee mean in Israel?

"Coffee is like a fingerprint because we each take it so differently: in a large or small cup, glass or mug, with/without milk or just a drop, sweetened or no sugar, strong or weak, it really doesn�t matter.

At the same time, coffee is the biggest common denominator we have with billions of people around the world waking up to its awesome aroma every day.

On a personal level, coffee is the answer that reacts right away and motivates us by providing strength, energy and renewal. It is a powerful desire, a yearning that cannot be denied.

Coffee is the experience happening right now and it continues to wash over each and every one of us that have already experienced everything and want more.

Coffee is a way to learn about new cultures, new people and new tastes from around the world.

When we drink coffee we want to continue to experience, taste, respond and create more and more new moments. Coffee moments.

You can enjoy them too!