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Sterling Silver Naif Drawing Pendant Necklace Children Design

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Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant Necklace with a naif drawing of children

Length 45 cm

Contemporary Jewelry

Affordable top-quality jewelry inspired by Nature and the unique ambiance of Israel and the symbols of the Holy Land. Necklaces and pendants that shimmers with cool crystals warm gemstones and bright silver. Silver pendants encrusted with cz zircons and gemstones as turquoise, garnets, opals, amethyst, onyx. Bluenoemi silver jewelry collection has gained a reputation for its bespoke creations made by selected designers and manufacturers.

Nowadays jewellery is not about grandma's treasure box with gold and diamond items that can pass on for many generations and increase value, but more and more about an accessory item that flatters a specific outfit, mark a special occasion and a moment to remember and most importantly, to reflect and flatter the true personality and beauty of the woman who wears it. That's where contemporary jewellery comes into play.
You can find a wide variety of colours and styles, using purely natural precious and semi-precious material such as cultured pearls and high quality gemstones, with solid silver and gold findings.

The Israeli jewelry is well known for its design, special style and good quality and contemporary fashion look.