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  • Bluenoemi Necklaces 45 cm / silver Sterling silver Necklace Solomon Seal  for Health
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Sterling silver Necklace Solomon Seal for Health

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Sterling silver Necklace,Solomon Seal for Health

Pendant Length 45 cm

Seal 9 - The Second Pentacle of Mars - This pentacle is believed to provide forceful protection against all diseases and bodily pains .

Product Details

This talisman is made from 925 sterling silver and measures approx. 25 mm in diameter. The seal hangs on a 45cm sterling silver hallmarked chain.

The drawing on the seal shows a 'Magen David' (Star of David) encircled by a double bordered circle. In the middle of each of the triangles that form the stars points is written the Hebrew letter 'Heh' ('H'). In the middle of the star on the top is written vertically the word 'Yud-Hey-yud-vav-heh', which is similar to Yehovah ('Jehovah'), though it is read 'Yehi-Va'. Vertically on the bottom is written the word 'Elohim' (God). Horizontally, connecting the two vertical words are written the three letters 'Heh-Sheen-Vav'.

On the top of the double bordered line is a small 'Magen David' and around it is written the sentence: "In which there was life and life was the light of men".