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Unique Spinner Ring for woman / Fidget rings / best spinner rings / Bluenoemi ring for woman

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          Unique Spinner Ring for woman 
  • Spinner ring Sterling silver and 9 carat gold
  • Fidget ring
  • Beautiful rings
  • CZ zircons & amethysts / blue topaz / peridots
  • New rose gold & sterling silver swivel band ring set with gemstones
  • 4x6 mm and c.z 3mm stones.
  • About 1 cm wide.

      đŸŒčSwivel rings or spinning rings are rings designed in such way that outer smaller decorated or plain rings spin freely on an inner ring that encircles the finger. They are known as fidget rings.

      đŸŒčThe ring design is inspired by the beauty of vintage style jewelry.

      Spinner Ring /  Silver Gold Ring for woman