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Spinner Rings for Woman, Gold and Sterling Silver Ring.

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JewelryJewelrySpinner fidget rings for woman gold and silver. 

  • About 2 cm wide.
  • Engagement and wedding ring
  • A gold flower set with a garnet decorate the base ring and the delicate spinner bands.
  • Hippie traditional look to this flowers ring.
  • Traditional style in a contemporary look. Sterling Silver with 9Kt gold.
  • Made in Israel Handcrafted in Israel.

Perfect engagement and wedding rings, a promise ring or a ring that is a symbol of Love.

The Garnet gemstone

  • Garnet is a mineral that exhibits many varieties of color and composition. These variations in color are quite connected with differences of composition.
  • In addition to being absolutely exquisite to look at, garnet jewelry is believed to bring the following benefits:
  • Bringing light and hope to your life's path, helping in situations of crisis, fortifying courage to overcome

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