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Spinner ring silver gold cz zircons bands engagement rings-Rings-Bluenoemi Jewelry

Romantic spinner rings with gemstones, spinner rings for woman.

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Spinner ring for woman engagement rings - silver gold cz zircons

  • Ring | cz ring | silver & gold cocktail ring
  • Sterling silver and gold set with zircons.
  • About 2 cm wide.
  • Floral central band.

One of the most sought after trends in today's jewelry are spinner rings. Also called Tibetan worry or prayer rings, these rings feature an inner band set inside an outer band which allows for one band to spin freely around the other. These rings often feature intricate artwork in the inner ring to give them a more authentic appearance and added visual depth. Rings of this type, while a stunning style option for their beauty, are often popularly used as prayer rings in the way some cultures use prayer beads. Whether looking to make a statement or find a calming way to fidget with your hands, spinner rings offer rugged style for today’s woman and man.

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