Solomon Seal Sterling silver Ring for Health. The Kabbalah Health Seal.-Rings-Bluenoemi Jewelry
Solomon Seal Sterling silver Ring for Health. The Kabbalah Health Seal.-Rings-Bluenoemi Jewelry

Bluenoemi Israeli jewelry - Solomon Seal ring - The Kabbalah Health Solomon Seal for Woman.

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Solomon Seal ring for Health. The Kabbalah Health Solomon Seal. Sterling Silver Ring.

Seal 9 - The Second Pentacle of Mars - Health Seal 

According to tradition the Seal originated from King Solomon's ring - the wisest of all men. He wore a ring on which were engraved symbols, letters, names of angels, codes and biblical verses.

King Solomon's Seals are here for people to use and they accurately preserve their shape, original and authentic language (Hebrew script) as reported in the bible , so people can connect to an ancient source of knowledge and enjoy the same energy that had changed destinies in ancient times.

King Solomon's Seals

King Solomon, the son and heir of King David, builder of the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem, was considered to posses the wisdom of nature. It was believed Solomon could speak the language of animals and spirits, and submit the spiritual world to serve justice for the benefit of men.

King Solomon Seals presented here are attributed to King Solomon, who was given the knowledge associated with the King Solomon Seals creation of the seals by an angel of the Lord.

According to ancient traditions the various seals were used by the magic-wise monarch in magical rituals to evoke spirits in order to achieve benevolent and just goals.

How the seals have become part of kabbalistic magic (Jewish ,mysticism) and also valued by the occult in other forms of medieval and even Eastern magic is not yet clear and is a matter of historical, archeological and spiritual research and investigation. So is true for the use of the seals in different rituals. While some of the letters and markings on the seals can be recognized, a great many of them are obscure, at least to those who do not posses the ability to understand their true nature.Some of the Seals are represented in our jewels.

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