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Meditation ring for woman spinner ring , floral garnet rings , silver gold jewelry, israeli jewelry

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Meditation ring for woman spinner ring , floral garnet rings , silver gold jewelry, israeli jewelry.

Spinner rings from Bluenoemi. 

About 2 cm wide.

A gold flower set with a garnet decorate the base ring and the delicate spinner bands.

Hippie traditional look to this ring - flowers .

Traditional style in a contemporary look. Sterling Silver with 9Kt gold.

Made in Israel with a life time guarantee on workmanship.

Perfect as a promise ring or a ring that is a symbol of Love. Original wedding ring and engagement ring.

Rings size 4.5 size 5 size 5.5 size 6 size 6.5 size 7 size 7.5 size 8 size 8.5 size 9 size 9.5 size 10 and all other sizes

The Garnet gemstone

Garnet is a mineral that exhibits many varieties of colour and the composition. T

The Benefits of Garnet ring Jewelry:

In addition to being absolutely exquisite to look at, garnet jewelry is believed to bring the following benefits:

Bringing light and hope to your life's path, helping in situations of crisis, fortifying courage to overcome problems, opening the door for sharing with others, promoting self-confidence.

Construction & Dimensions:

Sterling silver, gold.
Approximate width: 20 mm.

We can make any size, including quarter sizes. For this wider band, we suggest adding .25 to you current thin ring size. Please just indicate the requested size in the order.

Please email us the details regarding the ring's size.

How to measure your ring's size?

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